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A C Limited
44 King Street

T: 01227 781451

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  • The Access Collaboration will help you review your organisations’ key policies and practices
  • Evaluate the impact that they may have on people who have access requirements to employment, leisure, health and education services.
  • Assist in formulating an Access Plan or Access Strategy for future improvements to services.


  • Obtaining the views and gaining an understanding of the “real experience” of your customers or those who work for you is all important in developing and improving access provision and is crucial in developing services. Check lists of available facilities unfortunately do not always translate into effective access to services! We can help you put consultation programmes in place to ensure that meaningful feed-back is obtained that can be translated into meaningful action.

Advice and Consultancy

  • We offer simple desk-top plans appraisals to full on-site audit and consultancy.
  • We provide Access statements for Planning and Building Control.
  • “Walk and talk” reviews are very popular and can look at specific access problems or make the most of your next refurbishment or maintenance programme.
  • Cost effective on-line, telephone and e-mail support will be a key feature of our service which will ensure that our clients can obtain clear accurate and effective advice at the point of need.
  • Our regular newsletters and updates will also ensure that Estates and Property managers can keep ahead of the legislation and to hear about relevant and sector-specific events, seminars and training in their area. This service will be developed further over the coming months.


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