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Canterbury Kent

T: 01227 781451
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Accessibility statement

The Access Collaboration Ltd is committed to website accessibility.

The Access Collaboration website has been constructed to meet the recommendations made by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Accessibility standards for the website

This site adheres to W3C standards for HTML 4.1 strict and is validated to CSS.
The site has also been tested to W3C A accessibility standard.

What else are we doing to make the site more accessible?

  • Throughout the site links to titles and page URLs have been provided. This aid readability for visually impaired people and others using screen readers to access the site.
  • The text on each page can be resized using the “increase size of text” button.
  • Users with JavaScript enabled can access these buttons at the top of each page. The text resize buttons enlarge or reduce the text size according to the user preference.
    All text resizing has been designed so the design remains consistent, even at the largest text size.
  • Colour contrast used on the web-page can be altered from the list of available options found on everypage.
  • BrowseAloud software is downloadable from this site.
  • All images related to the content on the site are supported by alternative text or ‘alt text’ which can be accessed by screenreaders.
  • The content element of each page has been prioritised over associated items such as menus, navigation and related links. This helps people using screen readers to access the most relevant sections of the page first, rather than scrolling through lines of code to find the text they are interested in.
  • An internal link allowing users with screen readers to skip to the main navigation featured on each page. This helps users scan page headlines using screen readers and move on to other more appropriate pages quickly.

Making your computer easier to use

To find out more about making your computer more accessible and easy to use, have a look at AbilityNet's website. They have a range of tips and suggestions relating to accessibility issues. AbilityNet

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